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The Perfect Ecommerce Product Page

The exact layout a page needs to get as many conversions as possible.

Legal Supplement Funnels

The ultimate FTC/FDA resource for burned supplement marketers.

Webinar: Advanced Creative Optimization

How to make ads that sell without looking ugly.

How to Sway Public Opinion

Applying the O.C.E.A.N personality model to marketing campaigns.

The Big Idea, explained simply

A laid-back guide to the Big Idea for the modern marketer. Perfect if old, dusty ad books didn't do it for you.

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There is a better way to persuade people.

Are you ready to apply the same methodologies and tricks used by advanced PR firms?

Possibly The Clearest Big Idea Explanation Ever.

If dusty advertising tomes left you scratching your head on what the big idea is, then this is perfect for you.