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Is customer support underrated in e-commerce?

Jason Vana is the founder of SHFT Marketing, they provide full package marketing for B2B brands.

Every brand must knows its audience. Yet many people underestimate the power of talking to your customers.

Your customer support team is a treasure trove of info. With training, they can proactively explore and identify pain points and user motivations and feed them back to marketing.

Marketing can then optimize messaging, value propositions and media. 

How to approach A/B testing.

Joshua Frank is CRO and A/B testing specialist, he is also the founder of Test Triggers.

We agree with Joshua here. 

Maybe one in four tests wins. This is why people who’ve (actually) run A/B tests tends to be humble. Even though they’re arguably some of the most knowledgeable marketers ever. 

Test win rates shoot up when tests are the product of research. That’s a given. But what’s also important is to avoid being “boxed” into testing only what you see, or hear. 

Using “standard” layouts and descriptive “clear” language is a great way to avoid disaster. And it often is a great way to produce results for underoptimized businesses. But it’s rarely a process that produces big breakthroughs over the long term. 

So follow what works, because it works. But don’t be afraid to try something new here and there either. 🙂 

Online shopping is the future, and we are living in it.

Kunle Campbell is an e-commerce advisor, host of two e-commerce podcasts, and the creator of Commerce Accel.

These are some mad numbers that Shopify is getting for its users in the last few years. And they are still shooting up. 

E-commerce shops are increasingly replacing traditional ways of shopping, and the pandemic is only speeding that wave further.

For us in the digital world, these changes are welcome. In fact, we love them. 

We don’t quite know what the future of e-commerce is. But we’re sure the next few years will be a very wild ride.

Super VIP customers > everyone else.

Jeremy Horowitz is the director of marketing for Daasity, they help e-commerce businesses grow.

We agree with Jeremy about the importance of VIP customers.

Here’s the (real) playbook for an e-commerce business is to:

  • Find your least valuable customers and avoid acquiring people like them. 
  • Find your most valuable customers and acquire more people like them.

A simple way to do this is RFM analysis.

With RFM you can analyze the value that a customer already has based on their past actions, which is a good proxy for the value they’ll have in the future.

It works by splitting your customers’ database in five tiers, based on when they last purchased, how many times they’ve purchased, and how much they’ve spent (recency, frequency, monetary value, aka, RFM). 

Then you assign numbers to these tiers. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest value. So a customer that ranks 555 (getting the highest possible value in all 3 RFM dimensions) would be a super VIP. 

555s are the people that you need to acquire more of. Of course, the opposite is true of your 111s. 🙂 

The life after IOS 14 updates

Amanda Perry runs a marketing agency called SOUP. that focuses on promoting e-commerce brands.

Every marketing activity is paid. Even if you’re not paying money to an ad platform, you’re still paying with your time, or your employees’ salaries. Plus, there’s opportunity cost.

Getting traffic at scale is the building block upon which most e-commerce businesses are made of. We’d go as far as saying that without traffic you don’t have a business. 

iOS14 has been dreadful for many brands, but it’s by no means the end of the world. Advertising works. You just need to be a lot more sophisticated than before. 

Assuming people will buy because the product is interesting is naive and a full-funnel approach is no longer optional.

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