The promise: 30% of your total e-commerce revenue will be email marketing when we're done.

Plus, you’ll have more loyal, repeat customers and a much more impactful brand. Perfect for you if:

  • Most of your online customers buy only once, even more so if you don’t know how often they buy.
  • You have a customer database (email list) of at least 3,000 contacts (preferably more).
  • You’d like to skip the email learning curve. We know what the right email style and message is at exactly the right time in your customer’s lifecycle. 
  • You’d like everything done for you. We will need some help early on to fully understand your brand, but we will handle strategy, design, copywriting, and all technicalities.

Trusted world-class expertise


Here's how it works.

(Expect a 30-day set up & onboarding process to get everything running.) 

#1 – Foundations: First, we have a (no-obligations) discovery call. If we do have a fit and sign a contract, we proceed with migrating your contacts to Klaviyo (best e-commerce marketing software) and setting up the integrations with your e-commerce platform.

#2 – WHO Deep Dive: In parallel, we use our proprietary Decode Model to understand who your customer is. We will also consult with you during this stage, so we understand your brand’s DNA and where you would like to take the company.

#3 – Advanced Behavioral Segmentation: We analyze your customers’ interactions. We build new segments and lists based on how they behave.

#4 – Email Designs & Automations. Everything on-brand. The automations start “warming up” your sending account (less chance of landing into spam).

#5 – Broadcasting Content Calendar. We handle the strategy, design, and copywriting, so you have a steady stream of emails that brand and sell at all times.

#6 – Continuous Optimization: Now, we start getting into A/B testing and experimentation, so you get more results, faster, and develop in-depth internal “know-how.”

When you talk to people at the right time, with the right message, your brand stands out like this.


Here's what's included.


Every month, starting at...
$ 1795
  • Klaviyo technical setup
  • Strategy (lifecycle & content calendar)
  • Email design & copywriting
  • Reporting & Optimization


Every month, starting at...
$ 1595
  • Klaviyo technical setup
  • Strategy (lifecycle & content calendar)
  • Email design & copywriting
  • Reporting & Optimization
Best Value

Pick the plan you want. We’ll reach back within 24 hours to schedule a discovery call.

Not sure yet?

It’s only fair that you know your other options. 

Our Service Packages

  • Certified Klaviyo Master Partners & CXL Optimizers
  • Expert understanding of database (email) lifecycle marketing.
  • Expert understanding of applied behavioral psychology.
  • Advanced understanding of technical email marketing.

Freelance Copywriter

  • Good with words. Copy tends to be great.
  • No real way to gauge email expertise and know-how.
  • Limited (writer's) view of email marketing.
  • Usually lacks exposure to (and understanding of) data.


  • In-house production and design teams.
  • Okay understanding of database (email) lifecycle marketing.
  • Okay understanding of UX.
  • Advanced understanding of technical email marketing.

Web Design Agency

  • Expert-level web design services.
  • Expert-level understanding of UX
  • No creative experience.
  • No consumer insights experience. Misses critical human insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to us if you have more questions.

It’s simple. We’ve used a lot of email software and nothing comes close to the functionality and ease of use of Klaviyo.

You can find enterprise software with more functionality, but these are much more expensive and much harder to use, or you can find comparably easy-to-use software, but these come with none of the functionality of Klaviyo.

What’s more, Klaviyo is specifically made for e-commerce companies, so it integrates very well with all e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento etc.). 

No. But we would strongly recommend that you do. Refer to the previous question for why. 

Another good option is Active Campaign. It’s very functional, but slightly harder to use. 

Lifecycle email marketing is about sending the right message (email), at the right time (triggered by the user’s behavior), to the right customer (when certain criteria are met). 

“Decode” is our proprietary model for understanding customers. It has elements of the OCEAN personality theory, behavior psychology (Fogg Model), advanced social listening, and more.

In combination with lifecycle email marketing, it allows us to design and send highly relevant emails that brand and sell without annoying the customer.

You provide us your raw assets and we turn them into email designs. Or, we can use stock photography, depending on our agreement and the needs of each project. The email layouts and styling are on us.

And now the real question. Will your competition book a call before you do?