Six-figures Saved In 5 Minutes For An Apparel Brand.

Shocking? We were shocked too when we found out how much money this apparel brand was leaving on the table. All because of a small, technical mistake.

The problem.

Our client saw a decent but not exceptional 18% owned revenue in Klaviyo email marketing (mid-six-figures annually). However, we immediately noticed something was off because these revenue gains were predominantly email campaigns and not automated flows. Highly irregular for an apparel brand.

So when our client paid for a Growth Gap Analysis, we began investigating. What we found was shocking.

The campaign-to-flow email ratio was 30-to-1.

For every automated email we sent, we were sending 30 campaign emails. But a quick look at the profitability of our emails showed our flows were vastly outperforming our campaigns. Something wasn’t working the way our client intended.

We saw suspiciously few flow deliveries.

For a total of 169K flow emails over the last 365 days.

very few deliveries flows

Yet exceptionally profitable flows.

Topping at 5.72$ per recipient for the first cart abandonment email.

profitable flow table

… What was the issue?

When we checked individual flows, the issue became obvious.

Smart sending was enabled on all major flows. Smart sending is a default feature of Klaviyo that prevents subscribers from receiving a new email if they’ve received another email from the sender within the last 16 hours. And our client was sending a campaign email almost every day of the month.
# of recipients skipped

An amazing 27768 sends were skipped on just the first cart abandonment email alone – which, as you may recall, was earning our client an exceptional 5.72$ per recipient, for a total of 158,832.96$. Of course, some flows were skipped due to other reasons. But the vast majority, north of 90%, were skipped because of smart-sending.

This little technical error caused our client to miss out on serious revenue. Revenue we recovered in an instant by making the flow’s sending rules compatible with our client’s one-email-a-day sending strategy.

The only case study of the web that underhypes its results?

The savvy reader has already realized that our 5-minute “smart sending fix” had a much bigger impact than what we just covered. Because the same sending rules were blocking the cart abandonment flow’s subsequent emails, too… let alone the other majorly profitable flows of our client we immediately put back to work.


If we sum up these gains, we likely increased our client’s projected revenues for the coming year by multiple-six figures… and for a fraction of the work. 

Our client realized all these gains (and more) thanks to our introductory Growth Gap Analysis. We strongly advise you to learn more about it here. Because even though you may not be missing out on half-a-million revenue…

We guarantee you that – somewhere – you’re leaking money. A lot of money. And finding and plugging these money leaks may be easier than you think.