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Advertising is broken.

It’s not just us that say it. IPA’s “The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness” (view) covers almost 600 award-winning case studies from 1996 to 2018 and demonstrates that award-winning campaigns are no more effective than non-awarded campaigns. 

In fact, they’re less effective than ever.

Cartoon Goldfish Picture

The question is why?

The answer is unfathomable: The average human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. This means there’s just not enough time for traditional advertising story arcs to unfold. 

People watch ads, and they’ve no idea what they watched before they skip them (you do this too, probably!).

Our solution…

The Story Arc of the Future

#1 – Inspired by the hyper-competitive, unbelievably fast-paced Chinese market. 

#2 – Transmits more relevant information in 15 seconds, than most other ads do in 180.

#3 – Sells without looking ugly, cheap, or being high-pressure.

#4 – Brands subtly, effectively, without being inaccessible.

#5 – Aligned with the latest and best Behavioral Change science.

#6 – Adapted to your customers’ individual lifecycle with your company.

Try it. Your products will start standing out like this.

(Works even better if they’re “boring.”)


Here's what's included.


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  • Full communication strategy.
  • Custom production of new creatives
  • Multi-channel approach, channel-optimized creatives.
  • Perfect for clients who are looking to scale with a reliable content partner.

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We are flexible. We can work with your team’s (existing) content, brainstorm new content with your team, and even create custom content from scratch for you (in which case, please select “Campaign” in the application form). 

No. But we are very well connected with elite media-buyer experts, so reach out, and we’ll recommend you one. 

We provide a brief introduction to our framework through our free webinar, Advanced E-Commerce Creative Optimization

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