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Hey there! 

I’m George. It’s my pleasure to e-meet you. 

If you’re reading this, then you probably want to know more about me. So without further ado, here are some quick facts about me.

  • I was born in 1993 in Athens.
  • I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science & International Relations (meaning, communication at scale) from Greece’s most prestigious University.
  • I started my career in content marketing @ Smarter Chains (an Industry 4.0 Tech Startup, founded by ex-Procter & Gamble leaders).
  • In 2018, I joined divbrands (bootstrapped e-commerce startup) as a direct-response / performance copywriter. I was the company’s third contractor.
  • Within two years, divbrands grew to over a 100 employees and contractors, and I grew into the Head of Copy, Marketing Manager, and eventually Marketing Director of the company.
  • As of late 2020, I felt an irresistible pull to pursue new ventures, so I left divbrands to start my entrepreneurial journey. To this day, I maintain a great, consultatory relationship with divbrands. 
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Values I live by.

Or at the very least least persistently aspire to.

Why do anything if you don’t do it in the best possible way? When you move fast life gets more exciting and time slows down.

I believe people stop growing because they stop being curious. Persistently asking “why” can shorten any learning curve and improve any career trajectory.

Everything changes constantly. This is the most complex, ambiguous and fluid time to be alive. It’s also the best time to be alive because there’s more opportunity than ever.

This one is about being fearless. A maverick. It’s about recognizing that it’s always crazy or impossible until someone first does it.

Giving back to the community always pays back tenfold. Knowledge hoarded is knowledge lost and value shared is value multiplied. 


We live in the age of miracles — and we don’t even know it.

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Okay so now you know more about me.

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