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Content Conversion Optimization

Squeeze more sales out of your e-commerce traffic with advanced, behavioral marketing content. Start with one sales-page or buy a full-funnel bundle that includes ads.


Advertising Creative That Brands & Sells

Get e-commerce advertising content that brands and sells without looking ugly. We got you covered for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Super flexible packages.


Done-for-you Retention Marketing

The promise: 30% of your total e-commerce revenue will be email marketing when we’re done. We handle everything: Strategy, design, copywriting, and all technicalities.

We help launch and grow D2C companies.

Practical know-how forged by more than 200 e-commerce product launches, in multiple GEOs, and a lifetime’s worth of scientific direct response tests.


Hi! I’m George, owner of I’m eyebrow-deep in NDAs – and I take my clients’ trust very seriously. That said, here are some legal-friendly snippets of my bio:

  • I’ve been part of numerous multi-million marketing campaigns on Facebook, GDN, Youtube, Search, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Involved in more than 200 product launches spanning virtually all Tier 1 countries. 
  • I helped profitably grow a bootstrapped company to over 100 employees and contractors in less than 3 years.
  • I’ve led cross-functional, cross-cultural marketing and creative teams spread globally.
  • I’ve pioneered a market intelligence framework that shortens the gap between “idea” and “profitable advertising” without sacrificing creative integrity.
  • I’ve helped design, rollout, and manage an international, multi-language conversion rate optimization program.
  • Collaborated with HTTPool (largest international partner of the major media platforms) plus some of the biggest names in the industry, like Depesh Mandalia, the Linx Youtube agency and more. 

Hands-on Experience with your technology.

George Kapernaros Experienced In Klaviyo
George Kapernaros Experienced in Asana

Plus… Google Tag Manager – Google Optimize – Ahrefs – – Funnelytics – Active Campaign – Zapier – Integromat – JustUno – Trello – Monday – Nifty and many, many more.

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The Ultimate E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Resource For SMEs And Entrepreneurs.

No pitch, nothing to sell. 8727 words of actionable content yours free to enjoy. Just let me know where to send it.

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opportunity cost, noun, economics: “the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.”